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Windows 10 Setup with core applications and use of Personal Hotspot and mobile data

Getting into Asus Bios press delete or F2 - sometimes F12 or F8 for other makes, models of computers from other manufacturers. Pressing multiple keys on the keyboard such as F2, F12, F8 and delete when a computer starts up usually results in you entering the Bios able to change advance computer settings such as boot device option - choose to boot from USB flash drive.

For more info or information from Computers and Integration on how to create a bootable USB flash drive for installing or setting up Windows 10 on your computer, see the links below. Windows 10 is the most common operating system for computers in common usage at the time of writing during April 2022 or twenty twenty two.

How to fit Windows 11 onto a bootable USB flash drive since the installation files are larger than a standard DVD

How to create a bootable USB flash drive to install or repair Windows 10 or 11

Bios screen showing Windows Boot manager first - need to change boot order option to boot from USB flash drive and flash drives in common usage nowadays.

Installing Windows 10 or ten from setup source DVD or flash drive. Previous and legacy versions of Windows often came on CD and DVD.

Bios screen shows USB flash drive first boot priority

Windows setup Click Install now to proceed with installation - this screen often appears when Bios (basic input output system) exited and Windows setup starts to load from a USB flash drive for example.

Installing Windows from setup source DVD or flash drive

Enter product key for Windows during setup or skip this step

Need to accept Microsoft terms to install Windows 10 and proceed with set up of the core operating system

Custom or clean install of Windows 10 always best over upgrade for Internet safety

Need to chose where to install Windows 10 and often delete partitions

Need to confirm partition deletions during Windows 10 set up

Try not to delete second SSD hard drives with data to preserve important files - partition 0 or zero is often the main hard drive with core operating system files and Windows 10 system files.

Installing Windows 10 wait and see process

Wait and see Windows 10 set up process while installation happens

Getting files ready for Windows 10 installation is the installing files stage

Windows 10 or ten restarts to continue set up

Windows 10 setup during reboot profiles sets up hardware devices

Windows 10 setup just a moment wait screen

Flash drive plugged into computer makes Windows 10 set up easy

Windows 10 setup chose your region screen

Windows 10 setup chose keyboard layout

Windows 10 setup option to add second keyboard

Network options available often during setup - WiFi or wirless networks not always available when USB network card adaptors not plugged into your computer.

Network options available often during setup - can skip part of setup

Can chose to create Windows 10 with offline user account or online Outlook account linked to OneDrive

Windows 10 setup chose password for Offline account or leave blank

Windows 10 Setup confirm password screen

Windows 10 password hint for user account screen in case of forgetfulness

Choose whether to enable talking help from Cortana personal assistant

Choose privacy settings for Windows 10 device

Windows 10 setup can take several minutes - do not turn off your computer

WiFi network adaptors can take the form of USB flash drives

Windows 10 screen after setup or initial or first install

Screen that shows WiFi networks available from icon near clock

Need to often enter WiFi or wireless network security key

Making your PC discoverable enables sharing of resources over home networks

Internet access from BT not always available

Smartphones do enable access to mobile data

From iPhone main screen tap Settings icon to turn on mobile data

Mobile data white toggle switch shows mobile data is off

Tap white toggle switch by Mobile data to turn on data from 4G

Tap Personal hotspot to enable sharing of mobile data via iPhone

Choose a password for your temporary mobile hotspot to share data from a phone

Your mobile data from smartphone should appear in list of available networks on Windows 10

Select your phone to use as a personal mobile data hotspot and enter your chosen password

Only chose to share your mobile connection if in private space

Right-click Windows Desktop empty space and click Display Settings

Limited display resolutions usually on first Windows 10 setup - also need to choose higher resolution

Choice to keep screen resolution changes or Revert back

Snipping Tool available from Windows 10 start menu - useful to crop and making images with smaller file sizes, this is centainly useful for incroporting images, cropped photos, in web pages and for sending in e-mail also sharing via social networks such as via Facebook for educational purposes.

Snipping Tool under Windows Accessories on Windows 10 or ten Start menu

Right-click Snipping Tool and Click Pin to Start menu

Right-click Snipping Tool, select More and click Pin to taskbar to put it bottom of screen

Microsoft warning some websites not supported by Microsoft Edge web browser

Ninite makes installing multiple apps at once a doddle

Ninite great choice app selection - apps include Firefox and Chrome web browsers, 7-Zip for sharing zipped files, iTunes and Spotify for music, FileZilla FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client for file transfers and uploading files to websites, Paint.NET for changing aspect ratio of photos, making them smaller, creating banners for websites and more including image manipulation. FoxitReader PDF reader great app too for Windows 10 or ten and enables multiple files including documents, web pages and JPEG to be bound together in a single PDF and enables the adding of bookmarks for easy access to information within a PDF - reference key information easy enough useful for court submissions.

Dropbox and OneDrive file storage apps to save, retrieve access to files from any computer, whereever whenever securely via a username and password. CDBurnerXP can make CDs and DVDs burn them real easy with ease also. Ninite offers choice of security software including antivirus and antispyware and choosing to install the free K-Lite Codec Pack can often ensure you can view or watch most videos created in varying or a wide range of formats including Movie files on an iPad, the latest iPad generation. Security Essentials from Microsoft now known as Windows Defender and is security software built into Windows 10 or version ten available immediately after Windows set up.

Download and Run Ninite installer to get many great apps installed at once

Click Run bottom of screen to launch Ninite multiple app installer on Windows 10

Click Yes when prompted to make changes to Windows 10 device

Ninite installer downloads and installs multiple apps on Windows 10 often in background

Bottom right screen on Windows 10 screen enables access to All settings

Windows Settings screen with choices for customisation and bespoke set up of your computer

Need to update Windows 10 after first setup or install

All Settings Recovery tab enables Reset this PC option and data erasure along with Windows fresh install

Windows 10 All settings Activation tab enables link to Microsoft Outlook and OneDrive account

Knowing Outlook and OneDrive username and password enables access to all your data

Prompt for Windows 10 user account password if using Offline account

Windows 10 can be activated with digital license linked to Microsoft account

If Dropbox online storage chosen for install through Ninite, user prompts for username and password will emerge

Online-only files in Dropbox online storage enables access to your files from any computer

Dropbox online or cloud storage benefits access from anywhere, share and secure storage for files

Option to restore online files to computer from Dropbox backup

Choosing files to sync to Dropbox online or cloud storage

Always best to save files you create to Dropbox folder on local computer - this enables online storage

The Dropbox default folder layout is logical designed for the average home user

Right-click folder in Dropbox, choose Smart sync and Local to cache or keep local copies of files. This can enable you to copy important documents and files to a separate hard drive in your computer such as a separate SSD hard drive. SSD hard drives are often more reliable than traditional hard drives with moving parts. Storing important files on a separate SSD hard drive can enable the reinstallation or set up again of Windows version 10 or ten without losing data and or important work files including personal data.

Windows 10 All settings screen enables Power and sleep choices - choosing Never keeps your computer in working state. Sometimes when Windows 10 or version ten goes to sleep, you need to pull out cables, such as an HDMI cable, to turn on the montior again which can be annoying, frustrating and inconvenient.

Computer monitor cables typically come in three different types - there is the older typically blue VGA cable, the more modern White DVI (Digital Video Interface) cable which allows sound or audio as well as video as output through speakers built in or embedded into computer monitors. HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) also transmits sound or audio as well as video over the cable but output or video quality is often superior to VGA and DVI. Cables connected to monitors can fail and also so can graphics cards or adaptors in computers - they are more likely to fail sooner when tasks that demand a lot of graphics and computer performance such as computer gaming is done frequently. Televisions and connecting computers to TVs or teles can isolate problems with a computer's display - determine whether a problem is the cable, the computer display such as a computer monitor or the graphics card. Isolating faults with computer and digital technology is often the job of experienced computer technicians and engineers.