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At A Glance On This Page — Personal Online Services, helpful web links also useful charities

Great useful websites and online services including retailers that offer a personal service

Both Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council enable users to personalise their user experience with a digital online account. Also, now you can pay tax on your income to HMRC as well as check how much income tax you are due to pay, check your national insurance record as well update your Universal credit journal online by way of the web. Aberdeenshire has the digital library where you can borrow ebooks, download music and MP3s also.

Personal accounts can help you buy products from Argos, Amazon, Tesco and Asda for example as well as from electrical retailer Currys, bike specialist Halfords and health food store Holland and Barrett. Phones and networking equipment can be purchased from the BT shop also.

You can play or stream music by way of the web from Spotify, Deezer, Napster and also YouTube Music. enables music playlists to be transferred between platforms with ease.

You can write and publish your own ebooks with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords. The latter enables publishing to Apple Books making ebooks available to iPhone and iPad users.

Outlook with Office Online and OneDrive as well as Google Docs are the main productivity apps available on the web from Microsoft and Google respectively. Google Docs often very efficient on low end computer hardware. OneDrive, Google Drive, BT Cloud and Dropbox are great online storage platforms for documents, photos and videos. Google Drive supports upload of multiple files and folders to aid organisation from computer — also Google Drive is the organisation part of your Google account that lets you sort, order and categorise documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms — Google Drive supports upload of PDFs and also Google Docs supports export to PDF file format. JPEG image files and photos can be uploaded to Google Drive also and sorted in folders for easier reference as well as organisation.

Vimeo, Rumble and YouTube great video sharing websites.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram enable social sharing — Facebook enables connections with friends and family, supports relationships, Twitter is good for timely real time news from various people and organisations. Instagram for sharing images often and for establishing real online personalities. LinkedIn helps professionals to network and gain contacts — often used by people in work, with jobs to advance their career prospects.

Zinio gives access to online magazines and the Guardian news website provides free news.

You can register a domain name and buy web hosting from, but you can also forward domain names to free hosting web hosts such as Altervista and Infinity Free — this makes free web hosts really good value for money and helps to establish web developers and designers giving them a reputation. Often you can host multiple websites with free hosting providers, but the number of websites is limited about five websites with Altervista and three with Infinity Free.

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Useful Links or Websites - local organisations, bus and train info plus job search sites

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Charities that really help people - including childrens charities, disabled persons charities, Vision Aid Overseas, Scottish Women's Aid, Royal Northern Countryside Initiative, Firefighters Charity, Shelter Scotland to help the homeless and Home Energy Scotland to help households with energy efficiency

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Complaints - official bodies who you can complain to and receive a better deal also feel better

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